Writing and Anonymity – the Joy and the Challenges

Hello again,

this is probably the most personal blog entry I’ll do.  I figured it was time to share.

As you may know I’m unwell. I am able to write poetry, for which I am extraordinarily grateful.

I love the writing process. It also has a very positive effect on my mental health to be able to write magical, whimsical escapist poems as well as write out some of my struggles, thoughts, worries, flaws and shortcomings. I also see things differently with a poet’s eye – Nature is magnificent!

I have managed to get some books together with some great help from a very patient techie/publisher/photographer/layout designer guy.

Publicity and promo however, we’re both self-confessedly rubbish at. I have chosen to write under a pen name as I would rather write what I want and need to in a way that doesn’t risk upsetting anyone, especially the darker stuff that I’m currently working through.

So, a grand total of 5 people know who Charley is! Each is wonderful and supportive. None of them are any wiser than me re publicity and marketing. All the advice online seems to mention Launch Teams, Beta Readers, Reviewers etc. When my publisher asked for reviews on Goodreads we got 2 brilliant thoughtful reviews and many, many more scam replies.

I don’t have the energy or mental capacity to work on both writing and trying to promote and I have no budget! I’ve decided to write and benefit emotionally from doing so, and hope that the books will find their own way to lovely homes when they are ready.

I wish I could interact with folk about all this, but again, the anonymity and lack of energy is limiting.

Thank you for reading  this and visiting the website.

Have a great day,