First Thoughts

Profound sense of peace
	        Amidst thunderous fierce storms
		All is calm inside

Splash of character
	Otherwise sombre outfit
		Crimson shoe laces

The middle of night
	        Fox and cubs play in the snow
		Lit by the wolf moon
First Thoughts Page 6 

Book Description

First Thoughts book is the revealing result of a challenge to write and publish the first completed haiku that came into my head each morning for just over a year. A surprising range of topics were covered, but with some recurring themes around love of nature, struggles and challenges of chronic illness, and the joys of poetic escapism. No editing was permitted except to follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable tradition for haiku.

“Clever, thought provoking and magical”

First Thoughts is the second in my In Three Lines series of haiku books. The first is ReBalancing which is full of inspiration, hope and everyday wisdom. The books are standalone, but may be more rewarding if read in order.

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