About Charley

Hello to younger visitors to this poetry website

my name is Charley Elbow
and one thing I know
is that I express myself better in poems
than I ever do in prose.

You will get to know me a little through my poems, but as I write often using “I”, even when I’m writing from someone else’s point of view, that may be a challenge! One thing I will say is that I’m poorly, so I know what it’s like to feel different in a way I haven’t chosen, which is why some of my poems talk about all sorts of differences.

I hope you enjoy some of the poems on this website, and that you’ll feel inspired to start expressing yourself more, however you choose to- maybe writing, drawing, singing, making music….the list is vast.


For me,
Poetry does magical things
Bestowing my words with wings
Some fly high into the sky
Others drift on the breeze

If the words are sad
The wings take them away
Bringing me some light

A few thoughts sometimes
Might reach someone’s eyes
Forging a link between us

May I Introduce Myself?

If you ever met me
You’d never believe
I write poetry
Whenever I talk
All my words
Tumble and stumble
Come out in a rush
Or crumple in a heap
And never make their escape

It’s hard to explain
But a different part
Of my brain
Seems to write the poems

I was lying in bed
Feeling ill and upset
When out of the blue
I tuned into my thoughts,
Wrote them all down
Which, eventually
Brought them to you

The Core

The first time I got lost
In a story
I was about 3 or 4
Sat on the floor
At playgroup

Listening to the teacher
I peered at my apple…
Only a stalk!
Even the core was no more

That day a bookworm was born


You can contact my publisher at publisher@swsounds.co.uk

I’m sorry I’m not in a position to reply to anything directly myself.

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