Together We’ll See

Together We'll See

I’m excited to share my poetry and paintings book for all ages, created with multi-gifted artist John Pelham.

“A book to keep nearby because you’ll want to keep coming back to it.”

Together We’ll See is a delightfully eclectic collection of art and poetry for all ages. The artist uses many different techniques and textures; the poet writes in a number of styles and voices. Each has interpreted the other’s work in intuitive, emotional and surprising ways. Each poem and painting is standalone in its own right. Their combination offers the reader a new dimension to explore.

Please click these links to look inside the book in the UK, US or Canada. For other countries please search your Amazon store or use one of these links and then switch store.

Or you could ask your library for a copy.

John Pelham is a wonderful person and this shines through everything he creates. Every piece is imbued with warmth and depth, regardless of the medium he has chosen to work with.

Block prints, pastels, watercolours, ipads and humble pencils have all contributed to the amazing art in this colourful, characterful book.

All proceeds from Amazon sales will go to supporting homelessness recovery services in the UK.

Together We’ll See’s Back Story

John and I working together came from a wonderful coincidence. He sent me a print of a stag painting as a Christmas card the day after I had written a poem about a stag and deer I’d come across on a frosty dusk wander in the forest.

I blurted this out over the ‘phone and after a year or so, and a surprise presentation of a draft of the book to John, the number of people who know who Charley is rose to 5!

I didn’t know he painted and created, he didn’t know I wrote.

Collaborating with him is an absolute joy.

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