Making A Scene

Welcome to the spooky theatre
Do you see me
Or do you don’t
Who am I you ask
Behind the mask 
That task is yours alone to decide
For what is theatre
Without a show

From Making A Scene page 4

I’m delighted to share my new book of poetry, including haiku, inspired by the gorgeous black and white photos of Steve Ward. 

Book Description

Sparkling with drama, humour, and insight it takes the reader on journeys through beautiful Sussex countryside, including Ashdown Forest, with unexpected emotional twists and turns.

Escape to the places where characterful black and white nature photos meet Charley’s trademark mix of imaginative, joyful poetry for all ages. Our relationship with nature has never seemed more important; this book will take you on an emotional stroll thorough a forest which is crammed with dramatic stories.


Making a Scene words by Charley Elbow, photos by Steve Ward, see more at SW

Where to Buy

E-books available widely here

Or request a copy in any bookshop, including your local independent, or from a library.

Please click these links to look inside the book or buy on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada or Australia. For other countries search your Amazon store.

Making a Scene is now available direct from my publisher on

I think the photos work particularly well in the e-book versions.

Making a Scene’s Creation

Steve bought a second hand camera just before lockdown 2020. He showed me some of his wonderful photos and I picked out the ones that spoke to me (some shouted!). Mostly my poems were in response to his pictures, but I would occasionally give him a very tricky remit such as “two things that are different, together but apart”. He always delivered. 

My wish for the book was, and is, that everyone can feel as if they are wandering around a magical, energising, replenishing place, stopping wherever, whenever they wish to soak it all in.

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