Small Feats and Tall Tales


See the hurdles 
Lined up in a row
Ready for the race?
Instead of trying
To fight them 
Before they reach me
And hoping they might
Not be so high
I’m learning 
To face them
Just one at a time
Leaving some space
Breathing between

From Small Feats and Tall Tales page 112

Over 170 poems and 12word stories.

5 star reviews for Small Feats and Tall Tales

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‘Small Feats & Tall Tales: Poetry, Haiku and Very Short Stories’ by Charley Elbow is something of a poetic tour de force in terms of its originality. The territory that the author manages to cover with his collection of poems is breath-taking in its scale. The whole book sparkles with wit, ingenuity and warmth, at every moment of which you can hear an authentic poetic voice. …” Nigel Tetley on Goodreads.

The SMALL FEATS AND TALL TALES consists of many haiku and other poems, which I would say are an excellent introduction to poetry for both children and adults..” Marin on Goodreads

Book description

A selection of engaging, fun, inclusive, thoughtful stories for children, told through poetry and 12 word tales. Bursting with characters and adventures it offers suggestions for ways readers may begin to express their own ideas, feelings and creativity. An impressive debut from Charley Elbow.

Dragon burps, unicorn horns and the moon, friendship, difference and whiffy socks, witches, wizards and ghosts, a little sadness, Chameleon Cat and more. 
A book to belong in.

“..a lovely collection of poems” – Give A Book charity.

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This book is being used within classrooms with children aged 7 and above. Many of the poems can be, and are being, used to encourage and support the wellbeing of children.

I’m thrilled to announce that the wonderful Give A Book charity are using the book in some of their great projects with young people, including in breakfast clubs and as a prize in a poetry competition.

To find out more about their inspiring work with children and prisoners, or to donate, please click here

Small Feats is now available in East Sussex libraries and Kent libraries.


Small Feats and Tall Tales is my first book of poetry for children. It was written over many months, when I was learning myself just how much poetry can transform lives. Writing down how I was feeling, then using my imagination to take me to wonderful, magical, whimsical worlds gave me a new perspective.

I would love to share these worlds with children, to amuse, empower, entertain, provoke deeper thought, and to encourage them to express their own feelings in whatever creative way they choose.

I am donating as many books as possible to groups supporting children.


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